This business is something I am very proud of as I have taken the steps to not only share my art with the world but invest in to having the best products, the best quality diamonds, and the best base materials I can find, etc. (needless to say this is NOT dollar tree DIY) I pride myself on only having the best options, with the best quality work, and the best materials around!!! My bling and designs are like none other no matter what it is I maintain full transparency in my descriptions to make sure you know exactly what I am offering for better purchase decision making.

I come from a family of entrepreneurs and just want to continue the tradition of believing in yourself enough to step out and do something others may be scared too do! I believe we are all capable of whatever our hearts desire! So STAND OUT, TAKE RISK, and why not BE DIFFERENT!?!

I can make pretty much anything so if you see something you want in a different colorI DM ME!